Nathan Chamot

Game Developer

Super Librarian 9000 Extreme!

Play as a time-traveling robot, sent to insure the success of the historically important Liberty Library.  Re-shelve books and shush noisy patrons, but don’t let the real librarian catch you, or you’ll cause a time paradox!

Super Librarian was an especially challenging project, as the entire game, start to finish, needed to be made in just 3 weeks, with myself as the sole developer. More challenging still, the game needed to be made in raw XNA, with only the half-finished Iridel providing engine functionality. Still, Super Librarian was successfully completed on-time.

After the initial three week development, an additional team was brought on to perform optimizations and create the HUD and intro/outro scenes.  During this period I moved to an organizational and leadership role, and my team performed admirably. Sadly, I no longer have their names…if you worked on Super Librarian or know someone who did, please contact me so I can provide proper credit.